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Anonymous asked: If you could date any fictional cartoon character, who would you date?

I could probably come up with a pretty good list but off the top of my head: Jin from Samurai Champloo, Kakashi from Naruto and Vash from Trigun are all great candidates :)

Game of Thrones fan art series “Winter is Coming” - based around the concept of what would happen if the White Walkers took over Westeros. By Lord Netsua on DA.

My friend Britty being awesome.

My friend Britty being awesome.

Glacier National Park, MT

Glacier National Park, MT

These are some fun outtakes/behind the scene photos from one of Downward Viral’s “Z.” character shoots I was privileged to help take some photos for a while back.  If you don’t know what Z. is, it’s this really cool project you should probably take the time to check out. It was recently featured in a really cool segment of “Rise of The Indies,” which I believe is worth the watch even if zombies or table top gaming is not your thing. This shoot was just one of many shoots that have taken place for this project. Tons of other artists, cosplayers, photographers, makeup artists and fans have donated their time and talents to help make this project be a super awesome thing.

For this particular shoot the models were: Meagan Marie , her brother Chris and Britain Lee. Makeup was done by: Mua Laura Hart and Mua Nicole Fae. Set lighting was done by Keith Mc Gregor.  Studio space and special thanks to Marshall from If you have never heard of Zombie Ammo you should probably check them out too (especially if shooting guns are your thing xD.)

jaiwren asked: Mass Effect and CONvergence? Have yourself a new follower :)

Ditto <3

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